Eyeglass Prescription Terms to Know

To ensure you order the right lenses, you should understand what the abbreviations and numbers mean on your eyeglass Rx. It can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the various symbols and terms because your prescription card may look different depending on your particular eye doctor. Your eyeglass prescription could include the following details, so it is beneficial to know […]

How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Self-care is becoming increasingly popular for hair, skin and overall body wellness, but many people forget their eyes deserve care too. Eye health is often an afterthought for most people except when their annual eye exam comes around. Even then, however, many people skip this essential doctor’s visit unless they think something is wrong. In addition to attending the eye […]

The Future of Online Eye Exams  

The future of online eye exams looks bright. As telehealth services have become more widely available, accepted and advanced, online vision tests have become much more common.  Anything having to do with our eyes used to require multiple in-person visits with clunky, complicated equipment. Today, that’s just no longer the case. As online eye exams and at-home vision tests continue to […]

Using Your Vision Benefits from Home

Order Prescription Lenses, Blue Light Lenses, and Contact Lenses all from home Whether you’ve adapted or not, most of us are stuck inside our homes for the majority of the day. We are lucky, in many ways, that all we need is an internet connection and we can do pretty much anything. Since “pretty much anything” is super broad, let’s stick to […]