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How Your Lenses are Made

Made in The USA

We’re not just here to help you see, we’re here to help you buy the best eyeglass lenses for you. Part of that philosophy means using a state of the art lab right here in the U.S. to make top-of-the-line products for every eye—from the latest single vision lenses and digital progressive lenses, to transition lenses and prescription sunglass lenses.

Finding Clarity in Technique

For over 30 years the technicians at our lab have been dedicated to perfecting their process of creating high quality products.We don't provide just lenses. We deliver lenses that not only meet our own standards, but yours as well.

You Are The Focus

Everything we do is to make sure you know where your frames are going, who’s fitting your lenses, and ultimately who’s responsible for your vision. When you send us your frames, you can be sure they never leave our sight.

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