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Use your FSA and HSA dollars with Lensabl!

Don’t let your flexible spending account (FSA) dollars go to waste. Remember, they expire December 31 2018. We accept both FSA and HSA cards.

How Lensabl Works

Get your online lens replacements mailed and delivered to you in 2 weeks or less.

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Pick Your Lenses.

Choose your Rx lenses, prescription sunglass lenses, transition lenses, blue-light blockers and tell us your prescription information.

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We Send You a Box,
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We mail you a secure, prepaid box. Send us your old prescription glasses or sunglasses.

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We Re-Lens Your Glasses.

We'll change your old prescription lenses with your new lenses in your favorite frames. They'll fit perfectly.

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Sight, sealed, delivered.

Sit back and relax! Your new prescription glasses arrive directly to your door at an affordable price. It’s really that easy. Refer and Earn.

Lensabl Purpose

We have made it as easy as possible to get people the vision they deserve.

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Our Lab, Our Quality

Every lens is manufactured in our state-of-the-art, licensed lab in Los Angeles, California.

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All of our lenses are custom made, tested and fitted by certified opticians with generations of experience.

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john scheer / eyeglass wearer 16 years

"Thanks to Lensabl I was able to update all of my favorite old frames with my new prescription. The site is easy to use they provided everything I needed to safely ship them my glasses"

Gary Jones / eyeglass wearer 12 years

"Lensabl is a really innovative concept and executed extremely well"

Steve Wells / eyeglass wearer 4 years

"Have never had an easier time getting new lenses. No optometrist appointment needed and it only cost me $77!"

Ava Connor / eyeglass wearer 13 years

"Had no idea I could get mirrored prescription lenses. Lensabl showed me all of my options very clearly and made the entire buying process fun and easy"

Maria Edwards / eyeglass wearer 7 years

"Watch out Warby Parker! Now I can buy frames from any brand and get my prescription lenses only put in quick and easy"

Emma Taylor / eyeglass wearer 8 years

Buy Lenses Online

Buy Lenses Online