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why lensabl?

Vision Care Designed For You

We know the vision care industry is fragmented and expensive, and let’s face it… no one wants to deal with making appointments and waiting rooms when they can get what they need by mail.

That’s why we created Lensabl, to provide an easier and more convenient option. We sell lenses, frames, and contacts at prices much lower than doctors or traditional retail stores, all online!

Your Time Is Precious

You can use Lensabl as the one-stop-shop for all your vision care needs. Get new lenses for those frames you already own and love or buy new frames from our Everyday Eyewear line (we offer virtual try on!), and even set up monthly auto-orders of your contacts while you’re at it. All in under 5 minutes.


Keep Your Pockets Full

We save you an average of 70% compared to optician prices by cutting out the middlemen, and their cuts of your money. Lens replacement allows you to repurpose existing frames, our Everyday Eyewear frames all come with blue-light protective coatings at no extra charge, and save money on contacts by subscribing!

Keep Your Pockets Full

Convenience Is Key

In this direct to consumer world, there’s no reason for you to have to schlep to physical stores to shop around for the products you need. Do it all from your couch with your computer or on your lunch break with your smartphone. Forget dealing with pushy salespeople, wasted gas, and parking lot nightmares. Do it all online with Lensabl.






Lens Replacement