The future of online eye exams looks bright. As telehealth services have become more widely available, accepted and advanced, online vision tests have become much more common. 

Anything having to do with our eyes used to require multiple in-person visits with clunky, complicated equipment. Today, that’s just no longer the case. As online eye exams and at-home vision tests continue to grow, they’ll be able to offer even more vision solutions. 

What Is an Online Vision Exam?

What Is an Online Vision Exam?

Online vision exams offer a convenient way for you to test your vision and renew your expired glasses or contacts prescription from the comfort of your home. You can use online vision tests between your regular eye appointments to update or renew your prescription or order new lenses. For example, if you lose or break your glasses and don’t have time to wait for an eye appointment, you can use an online vision exam to quickly get a new pair of glasses. 

Online vision exams vary depending on which site you use. You can complete some online vision tests directly on the computer, while others may ask you to use a smartphone app for the exam. Some websites only check your vision — if you need a prescription, it’s on you to go see a doctor. 

Other websites, like Lensabl, can offer prescriptions based on your vision exam results. When you take our online vision test, an eye doctor in your state will review your results and email you a prescription you can use to purchase glasses or contacts online. 

What Does an Online Eye Exam Check?

While online vision tests are extremely convenient, they only test your vision. An online test may check your vision’s sharpness, astigmatisms, light sensitivity or color blindness. 

Because they only examine your vision, you should never use them as a complete for regular eye doctor visits. Your eye doctor can do a full eye exam, which will check your eyes’ total health. A comprehensive eye exam is the only way to diagnose serious conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, eye infections and injuries.

Can You Test Your Vision Online?

If you’re thinking about testing your vision online, you’ll want to consider your age and medical history. Online vision tests are usually a practical option for healthy adults between 18 and 39. These tests are a convenient option if:

  • You’ve already had a comprehensive eye exam: An in-person exam will rule out serious issues so you can focus on testing your vision. If you have complex or irregular vision needs, you’ll probably want to opt for regular visits with an eye doctor instead of using online tools. 
  • You have an existing eye prescription: Online vision tests are most effective if you already have an idea of what to expect or what you want to get out of the test. For example, you may receive a prescription for corrective lenses and realize later that it isn’t strong enough. Rather than taking the time for another eye doctor appointment, you can test your vision online to update your prescription and get new lenses.
Can You Do An Eye Exam Online for Glasses?

Can You Do An Eye Exam Online for Glasses?

You can get an online eye exam for glasses through a number of websites. These exams are pretty straightforward — some websites will also give you a prescription and let you order new glasses or lenses. 

You can also get lens replacements for your existing glasses. If you already have frames that fit well that you want to keep, you can take an online eye exam and apply your prescription to new lenses. You’ll then have the new lenses fitted and inserted into your existing frames to create an ideal pair of glasses.

It’s much easier and safer to get an online prescription for glasses than for contacts, especially if you don’t have an existing prescription. If you’ve never worn contacts, you should get an initial prescription from your eye doctor, who will professionally fit the contacts to your eye. Once you have your contact prescription, you can renew or update it with an online vision test.

How to Complete an At-Home Eye Exam With Lensabl

How to Complete an At-Home Eye Exam With Lensabl

We offer a convenient way to test your vision online, so it’s easy to update and renew your glasses and contact prescription. We continue to innovate our online vision test to be as efficient and effective as possible, working hard to keep up with advancing technology and telehealth services. Our process consists of four easy steps:

  1. Qualify: Start by answering a few questions to determine if you qualify for our virtual eye exam.
  2. Test: If you qualify, you can complete our vision test on a smartphone or computer.
  3. Analysis: Once you complete the test, a real-life licensed ophthalmologist from your state will review your results within 24 hours.
  4. Shop: We’ll deliver your new prescription to your inbox and apply it to your account. You can begin confidently shopping for glasses frames, prescription lenses, blue light-blocking lenses, contact lenses and more from our extensive selection of vision products. 

Online Vision Test FAQs

If you’re taking an online vision test for the first time, you may have more questions. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about our online eye test:

  • Can I get an eye exam at home? Yes! You have many options for online vision tests. Lensabl offers online vision plans, vision testing and prescriptions for people ages 18-50 in 37 states. When you take our virtual eye exam, a real eye doctor will examine your results so you’ll be able to get an effective prescription and new lenses quickly. 
  • Should I wear my current prescription glasses or contacts during my exam? Some online eye tests may ask you to wear your glasses or contacts during the test. Our vision test requires you to remove glasses and contacts so we can get an accurate reading of your vision needs.
  • Do I need an existing prescription for Lensabl? Yes. At Lensabl, our at-home vision exam is only for people who wish to update or renew a current prescription. 

If you have any further questions before getting started, contact us online.

Renew Your Prescription Online With Lensabl

Renew Your Prescription Online With Lensabl

At Lensabl, we’ve been adding products and features to bridge the gap between the present and the future of eye care. In an increasingly digital world, it’s become imperative that we adapt to become an end-to-end solution for all glasses- and contact-wearers. It’s about giving you the confidence to manage your prescription and purchase the correct and best-looking products available from home. As a one-stop shop, our brand constantly innovates while striving to meet your needs.

Renew or update your prescription with our online vision test, then shop for new lenses.