Order Prescription Lenses, Blue Light Lenses, and Contact Lenses all from home

Whether you’ve adapted or not, most of us are stuck inside our homes for the majority of the day. We are lucky, in many ways, that all we need is an internet connection and we can do pretty much anything. Since “pretty much anything” is super broad, let’s stick to what we know and show you how easy it is to use your vision benefits from home.


Vision Benefits are offerings inside health and wellness plans that help reduce the costs associated with eye care. In reviewing your plan, you may also discover that you have access to a health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA). These offerings allow you to use real dollars to make qualified purchases on items like prescription lenses, contact lenses, and glasses frames, among others. 

*We strongly recommend reviewing your plan, HSA, and/or FSA specifics to determine your exact coverage*


It can be difficult figuring out how to actually use your benefits, so we’ve simplified the process. First, everything needed to take advantage of your vision plan can be done from home. After checking which provider you have and what your plan covers, it’s easy to take our Online Eye Exam without visiting an optometrist. From there, shop Lensabl products, provide your prescription, and make your purchases. To apply your benefits, just visit the Insurance Providers page and follow the instructions.

That’s the general formula, but let’s look closer and make sure you know where to find the exact products you need..


Scenario 1: You love your glasses frames but you need new prescription lenses because they’ve been getting extra wear around the house recently.

You head to Lensabl, plug in your prescription, and mail in the frames you love for easy and quick prescription lens replacement. If you have vision benefits, you return to the Insurance Providers page and apply your benefits.

Scenario 2: You’re in the market for new glasses frames because 1) they broke, 2) you lost them, 3) you need a second/third pair, 4) your Rx got worse, 5) the dog found a new chew toy.

You head to Lensabl and visit the Frame Shop where you can virtually try on a large variety of new glasses frames. Provide your prescription, purchase your new favorite glasses, and return to the Insurance Providers page and apply your benefits.


What about blue light blocking lenses? Many people don’t notice their eyes constantly adjusting to new screens of all shapes, sizes, and resolutions. Eye strain and blurry vision can become bothersome, major side effects of changing work environments. Blue light blocking lenses can ease digital strain, decrease risk of macular degeneration, reduce harmful glare, and increase vision clarity.

It’s become a necessity to add blue light protection to your prescription (or non-prescription) glasses. Blue light blocking lenses are affordable, convenient, and just one extra click when purchasing to make sure your eyes are protected from harmful blue light. It’s highly recommended to combine this feature with your prescription lenses – and the process to apply your benefits remains the same.


How could we? We’ve been on a mission to make sure the best and most affordable contact lens brands are available with no extra hurdles. Find your brand of Contact Lenses, enter your prescription, place your order, and get reimbursed or apply HSA/FSA dollars.

The formula remains the same regardless of your needs: do the research, make your purchase, and apply your benefits – all from home. You don’t have to visit multiple websites and optometrists to take full advantage of your benefits!


We’re working through a very difficult, uncertain time. The more digital the world becomes, the more information and confusion we run into “online”. When trying to make good, financially responsible decisions, it’s important to have trusted sources to stay informed. This applies to vision benefits and eye care resources especially. 

Whether it’s buying your new favorite glasses, getting reimbursed via your vision benefits, or knowing how to use your FSA/HSA dollars, you deserve a one-stop shop that gives you confidence. ALL. FROM. HOME. 

Your one-stop shop is Lensabl!