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Our process

Pick Your Lenses

Give us Your Specs

Give us your specs so we know exactly what you want. Lens type, prescription, thickness, color, and a little bit of personal information like your name and address.

We Send Box

We send you a box with a prepaid shipping label

You send, we make.

Send your frames

Send us your frames. Simply pack your frames in the secure box, and drop the box in the mail. We'll take it from there.

We make lenses

We make your lenses to your exact specs. Then we custom fit them into your frames and meticulously inspect them before they leave our doors.

Sight, sealed, delivered.

We send frames

We send your finished glasses back. Delivered right to your door, with some extra goodies.

You enjoy

You enjoy. Not only the ability to see clearly, but the boatloads of compliments you will recieve on those new lenses.

Looking to replace the lenses in your eyeglasses online, at a fraction of the cost? Order new lenses for your existing frames. Specify your lens options with our easy to use order tool, so we know exactly what you want. We offer clear prescription lenses, sunglasses lenses, prescription sunglasses lenses, transition lenses, prescription transition lenses, reading lenses, and prescription computer lenses (blue light blocking lenses). We also offer single vision lenses, progressive lenses, traditional lined bifocals, and trifocals. Once an order is placed, we will send you a box with a prepaid shipping label. If you place an order before 4PM PST, we can have a box sent out that same day. This takes about 3 days to get to you, and another 2 days to get from you to our lab. While some sunglasses lenses may take more time (mirrored/polarized lenses), each job spends about 1-3 days at our lab, and is then shipped back out to you (another 2 days). If you are located on the west coast, our process takes about a week to complete. If you are located on the east coast, our process takes about 10-12 business days for the final delivery to complete.