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Eyeglass Prescription Scanner

Lensabl's prescription scanner is the easiest online solution for renewing your prescription. This easy-to-use tool uses your cell phone, a computer, a card (ex. credit card or photo ID), and your current glasses to see if your prescription has changed.

Get the Lensabl Prescription Reader App

Our app lets you get the prescription measurements from your current eyeglasses. It’s easy to use and totally free.

It's So Easy and Only Takes a Few Minutes

Our online prescription reader gathers accurate information in minutes. Measuring your prescription online has never been easier — here's how it works


Scan your glasses

Sync the mobile app with your computer. Then use your phone's camera to scan your current glasses.


View your Rx details

We enter your results into a standard prescription format, so you can easily order glasses online.


Start shopping

Now, you can order glasses online without a worry. Time to find a new frame!

Here's What You Need

You can use our online prescription reader with tools you already have. You'll need:

Group 7 A smartphone with a functional camera.

You can find out if your phone is compatible online.

Group 4 A computer with a 12-inch to 27-inch screen.
Fill 1 Any magnetic card, like a credit card, for true calibration.
Fill 1 Your current eyeglasses.

* Our app pulls the optical parameters from your current glasses, so it doesn't replace an eye exam or give you a new prescription. Your prescription must be current and valid to order new glasses. See full terms and conditions for more information.

Lensabl's Prescription Reader Is a Life Changer

Lensabl's online prescription reader can help ensure that you have the right vision prescription before ordering new lenses or frames.

Our process is the most convenient way to make sure that you're getting the right prescription and that it matches your vision needs. Afterwards, use your prescription information to find new lenses to match your current frames or visit our frames store to see available options.

More Prescription Services From Lensabl

Lensabl's eyeglass prescription scanner is the best way to shop for new lenses that satisfy your current prescription needs. After you've used the prescription reader, try our frame size finder to ensure your new glasses fit comfortably, or order replacement lenses for your current frames. You can also take an online eye exam to renew or update your prescription.

We're happy to help you benefit from our online services — fill out our form to discuss any questions.