Tips for Choosing the Right Glasses

Whether you are wondering how to pick the right glasses frames or glasses lenses, various designs may suit your needs. From choosing your lens material to perusing different coatings, exploring your options before investing in a new pair can save you time and money. While you may be familiar with your prescription, perhaps you want to find out what exact […]

How to Measure Glasses

Getting a pair of glasses online that fits perfectly sometimes feels like finding buried treasure. However, if you know how to find your glasses frame size, it should be super simple. Measuring your face or a pair of glasses you own helps you find your exact fit so you can choose comfortable and stylish eyewear. Learning what methods to use […]

What Are Blue Light Glasses?

The amount of time the average person spends looking at a screen daily has increased exponentially in recent times. As screen exposure increases, the effects that screens have on your body and eyes also heightens. Professionals have acknowledged that excessive screen use can harm the eyes, especially when we do not use the appropriate measures to protect our eyesight. Many doctors […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Glasses?

You never want to replace your glasses unnecessarily, but there are times when replacing your glasses has to be done. Regularly replacing your glasses is vital to the health of your eyes and maintaining working vision. The importance of replacing glasses concerns your general quality of life and overall ability to maintain good vision when engaging in daily activities, such […]

Never Buy Glasses Without These 3 Things

So you’ve gotten your prescription and are ready to get the lenses and frames, likely from the pushy glasses salesperson who cornered you the second you left the exam room. They’re likely having you try on frame after frame, of course telling you the most expensive one looks the best. Fun times. Understandably, the frames get the most attention during […]

Using Your Vision Benefits from Home

Order Prescription Lenses, Blue Light Lenses, and Contact Lenses all from home Whether you’ve adapted or not, most of us are stuck inside our homes for the majority of the day. We are lucky, in many ways, that all we need is an internet connection and we can do pretty much anything. Since “pretty much anything” is super broad, let’s stick to […]